Lot 322 Tiflis, Caucasian shashka

Lot 322 Tiflis, Caucasian shashka

Tiflis, Caucasian shashka second half of the 19th century. The blade is forged steel, with muiti-iobed( three narrow Dol), a small bending. On the blade there are images of the moon and stars, made schematically, in Caucasian style, most likely meaning the quality of the master of klenotnika( similar to the stigma of Abbas – Mirza). The handle is made of silver and decorated with black with engraved ornament in the Western Caucasian style. The handle has a hallmark 84.
The sheath is made of wood and covered with leather ( everything is old, without restoration). The scabbard consists of a sheath mouth, tip and 2 nuts, intermediate parts. All parts are made of silver and decorated with niello. Ornament mouths mimics, Caucasian dark lace ornament. The other three parts are made in the traditional work of Niello with an engraved pattern. At the mouth there is a Georgian inscription that requires further study. On the details of the scabbard there is a assay stamp 84 and the personal stamp of the assay master EB ( Egor Blumberg) with the city stamp of Tiflis on silver George the victorious, also present the year of the product 1880. Spectacular Caucasian shashka, without restorations, branded silver on the details allows you to accurately set the location and date of production. Total length, blade length, blade width: 90 x 75 x 2.8 cm.

Starting price: 3,500 €

Estimate: 4,000 - 5,000 €